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 About Janice

A weaver for over 40 years, Janice has established her own style of art by weaving painted and dyed threads with highly complex weaving techniques.

Janice is fortunate to have lived in many places where she could embrace the environment, from the people to nature. Janice grew up in California, completed her graduate degree in biology in Virginia, and then lived a bit over ten years each in the Caribbean, Maryland and Africa, before coming back to Maryland. In the Caribbean, she was given the opportunity, through a health crisis, to decide what she really wanted to do. She chose to both raise her family and to weave. Her first weavings were done in the evenings once the children were in bed. Those pictures were woven with fine lace linen and sewing thread, where creativity of was of utmost importance. Creativity, complex weaving and time consuming attention to detail continue to be her trademark. Janice has shown many of her pieces internationally and in the US.

Janice loves sharing what she knows and is energized when she sees inspiration take hold in those who are learning. She has taught in the Caribbean, the US, and Kenya, has organized fiber arts projects at the elementary and middle school level as well as taught intermediate and advanced weaving techniques, both nationally and internationally. Janice continues to consult with groups in Kenya, designing pieces for production, increasing production efficiency and helping improve weaving, spinning and dyeing knowledge. Janice personally grows as she shares with others through community involvement, a constant thread in her life. She just completed a two year term as president of the Weaver’s Guild of Greater Baltimore. Janice enjoys experimenting with new approaches to weaving and embraces new challenges.
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