Wednesday, March 20, 2019
 Inspirations and the Processes from Idea to Art

This page links to specific pieces about which I share with you the motivations and thinking behind what was woven and how.   Sometimes ideas come to me that just have to be woven, have to be expressed in threads instead of being seen only in my mind.  Sometimes a piece evolves from a specific request, a commission, or some specific challenge I wish undertake.  I do not go into too much depth on technique, but often accompany the in-depth description with photos of the work in progress.

  Art Piece Description
This is a woven transparency of the seasonal cycles of the Whistling Thorn. 
Celebrate Jonni Gray Many Many Days of the Year
A challenging abstract painted weaving with specific parameters and specific client expectations.
Holy Trinity Stole Pr. Biles requested  s stole with colors of the rainbow and small crosses throughout. 



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