Wednesday, March 20, 2019

East African Traditional Basketry and Fiber Crafts

Articles and analysis of the diversity of East African Fiber crafts.

Borana Baskets Coiled milk baskets made by Borana women from Northern Kenya/Southern Ethiopia
Rendille Camel Milk Baskets Coiled camel milk baskets made by Rendille women from Ngurunit, Northern Kenya
Wild Sisal Spinning Harvesting and spinning of Wild Sisal in Northern Kenya
Kamba Sisal Baskets Twined sisal basketry and sisal harvesting at the village level
Kamba Sisal String Harvesting Agave sp. and making string at a Kamba Village, Kenya
Luhya Baskets Baskets from the Kakamega Forest near Lake Victoria
Lamu handwovens Baskets, mats and fishing traps from Lamu



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