Wednesday, March 20, 2019
NJABINI WOOL CRAFTS COOPERATIVE aka Njabini Woolspinning and Weaving Workshop (NWWW) Njabini Wool Crafts Cooperative is a spinning and weaving workshop on the Kinangop Plateau in Central Kenya. The cooperative is preparing to move to a new location on the Engineer Road. Their new workshop is nearing completion and the target date is the end of November. Njabini Wool Crafters add value to the wool from sheep that are raised on the Plateau by the Friends of Kinangop Plateau (FOKP). The Njabini Wool Crafts Workshop is a cooperative where both fiber crafts skills are learned and income can be earned through their finished products. Products range now from woven rugs and scarves to spun wool of many types, to knitted shirts, sweaters and hats, to crocheted and woven bags, to felted items. The FOKP, the farmers who raise the sheep for the wool for Njabini Wool Crafters, sustainably farm their sheep so that the native grasslands of the Kinangop Plateau remain and the endangered birds that nest in these grasses also thrive. Sharpe's Longclaw, found only in Kenya, is the most well-known endangered bird in these grasslands. Njabini Wool Crafters, when selling at fairs and other venues, educate the public on the endangered Sharpe’s Longclaw and the work of the farmers of FOKP. GET INVOLVED PURCHASE/ORDER HAND MADE WOOLEN PRODUCTS from NJABINI WOOL CRAFTS COOPERATIVE The members of the cooperative work hard to bring quality and unique products to their customers. Teach at the Njabini Wool Crafts Cooperative The spinners and weavers are always eager to learn more. Natural dyeing is a relatively new path for and they welcome assistance. Additional help in marketing and other areas of operation are always welcome. Contact me if you are interested or have some ideas in this area. Visit Come in person or visit them at their website at Join the International Community • Current assistance comes from individuals who are dedicated to helping improve the livelihoods of the residents of the isolated Kinangop Plateau and who are dedicated to conservation. These individuals live in Kenya, the UK, Italy, Germany, and the US and other countries. NGURUNIT BASKET WEAVING ASSOCIATION, Ngurunit, Kenya This group of traditional basket weavers has come a long way from the ten old mamas who knew the basket weaving techniques in 2000. Ngurunit Basket Weaving Association has been responsive to changes in traditional shapes and designs and is now making an effort to enter the international market in a new way. The baskets are the only source of income for most of the women in this dry area north of the Ndoto Mountains and southeast of Lake Turkana. In 2010, they had additional help from the help of their second Peace Corps Volunteer. In 2011, five weavers and Laura Lemunyete, participated in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall. Read more about these basket weavers in my blog.
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